DIY Halloween costumes made from bed sheets

Halloween is here again, and we’re all scrambling for creative costume ideas that won’t cost us a fortune or hours of our time. Leave it to a mattress company to tell you the best go-to costume supply is right in your linen closet – sheets! No need to be the ho-hum ghost from Halloweens past. These creative ideas give you a myriad of options to give your sheets a night out on the town.


Out of time, but don’t want to be thought a dull ghost? Give the standard a quirky twist. Don the ghost costume but spend the night on a bicycle. Randomly shout “Ouch” and “phone home” for added effect.

Lady Liberty

Drape a grey sheet around your child’s body and pin in place. Fashion a crown and torch out of cardboard or craft foam and spray paint them silver. And don’t forget silver face paint!


Cut a hole for your child’s head in a white sheet. Spray the sheet with clear paint or fabric glue and immediately douse with glitter (while paint is still sticky). Pre-made angel wings are fairly inexpensive, but if you don’t have time to run to the store, make your own. Fold metal clothes hangers into the shape of wings and cover with aluminum foil or a glittery sheet. Almost done… fashion a halo out of gold pipe cleaners and attach it to your little angel’s ponytail or headband.

Strawberry Marshmallow

Start off with a pink sheet and cut a hole for your child’s head. Fill the sheet with any fluffy materials – pillow stuffing, packing materials etc. and use fabric glue or Velcro to seal the bottom of the sheet. Pink long sleeves and tights finish up the yummy ensemble.

Laundry Basket

This one’s pretty creative and not likely to have neighborhood repeats. Cut the bottom out of an old plastic laundry basket, but leave enough room for your child’s waist to fit through. Tie ribbon through the basket holes so it will fit your child like suspenders. Fill the basket with sheets, and toss a box of dryer sheets and an empty bottle of detergent on top for good measure.


Drape a white sheet around your child’s body (like a toga) and belt the ensemble with a short piece of gold cord. Buy gold leaves at a craft store, and glue them onto a headband. Ladies, to add a little pizzazz, brush body glitter on your shoulders, arms and face for an ethereal effect.


This one’s guaranteed to get a few giggles and requires no sewing! Start with a white sheet and cut a hole for your child’s head. Cut out bright felt letters to spell out toothpaste or your favorite brand. Using a hot glue gun, glue the letters to the front of the sheet. Here’s where the giggles come in… secure a lampshade to your child’s head, and your little toothpaste tube has a cap!


This one is a project for your oldest of sheets. Cut or tear them into strips and tie them around your child’s body. You may want to glue the strips onto old sweats or PJs to make bathroom breaks and the end of the night a breeze! For added effect, brush brown, black and grey paint on some of the strips to make your little mummy look like he’s been buried for ages.

Swamp Thing

This one is a fun variation of the mummy costume… Start off with an old green sheet (or dye an old beige one). Rip the sheet into strips and glue or tie to old clothing. Now this is the part your kids will love… have them search the yard for leaves, mud and dirt. Let your kids smear the dirt and mud all over their costume. Glue on the leaves, dab on some green face paint and your swamp thing’s all set to muck it up and trick or treat!


A black sheet cape is the perfect addition to an all-black ensemble for your little vampire. Add some white face paint, fangs and drip fake blood from the corner of their mouth and wait for the bwahaha…

Bunch of grapes

For this one you’ll need a purple sheet with a hole cut for your child’s head. Blow up several purple balloons and pin the balloon tie to the purple sheet. Cut a few leaves from green felt and glue onto a brown beanie.

Trauma Patient

For older kids that want to look extra gruesome this year… This one’s definitely for sheets you’re planning on throwing away! Rip up old sheets and wrap your child’s “injured” body parts. Smear fake blood on bandages and add white face paint to make them look pale and ashen.

Now it’s your turn! Go to our Facebook page and share your favorite “sheet” Halloween costumes that we’ve missed. Or better yet – post your photos!

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