The 10 Secrets of Staying Motivated Throughout Your Fitness Program

We all have our personal fitness goals we want to achieve – getting that killer summer beach bod, bulking it up in the gym or fitting into that dream dress. But weight loss or fitness is always a long-term process that requires huge amounts of dedication, perseverance and self-motivation.
It is the easiest thing in the world to start a diet plan or a fitness regime and then give it up due to avoidable excuses like work, stress or sheer lethargy. The only way to meet your goals and take care of your body is to diligently stick to the battle plan.

Here are 10 secret tips that will help you to keep those motivation levels high while you go about sculpting the best body that you can achieve.

1. Pick out workout clothes smartly

It’s always a good idea to invest in a set of professional but trendy sportswear. Not only will you look your best when you hit the track or the gym, but the right type of material and fit of your workout clothes has a great impact on your flexibility, breathing, sweat volume, and duration of your workout.

So, pick your gear smartly – comfortable, right material and of course fashionable! Making an effort to dress up before starting your workout will make you feel like going through with your routine and seeing it to the end. It is the initial push required to reach greater limits.

2. Get pumped up with your music

You know how listening to a great rock number or some peppy beats makes you want to get up and be super productive? Well, it’s time you harness that to keep you going with your daily fitness routine. Put on your favorite get-pumped music and turn it up – you will instantly feel ready to crush your gym goal for the day.
We suggest that genres like metal, EDM, or fast paced pop music are conducive to boosting motivation levels. So, get your playlist ready to launch you into a hard day at the gym or on the track.

Good planning is all it takes

3. Use a comprehensive diet planner

It is difficult to keep track of your diet, gym regimen, daily fitness while working out a long-term plan for your body at the same time. So, we recommend that you use all the devices and technology available at your disposal to keep your food intake on track.

Applications like the Noom Diet Plan provide a detailed, all-inclusive fitness planner that personally curate a regimen for you to follow every day. When you stack Noom v regular weight watchers, it is clear that a curated approach will help you to stick to it without slacking off. The Noom Program Can Help You Reach Your Nutrition goals in an organized and sustainable manner.

4. Get a reliable fitness app

If you find it difficult to stick to a workout plan all seven days of the week or find yourself forgetting to hit your daily exercise goals, then a good fitness app on your smartphone is the solution to your fitness woes.

Not only will these apps send you regular notifications reminding you to hit the gym or take time out to work out, they will also help you to chart out a great long-term plan that you can incrementally follow. Research suggests that such apps are highly beneficial for millennials especially and improve overall health and fitness.
While you are on the field or at the gym

5. Get a gym buddy

Research suggests that working out in groups or with a gym partner can reduce overall stress by 26 percent and simultaneously improve quality of life. Not just this, working out with a buddy will ensure that you have a sense of healthy competition – and someone to drag you out of bed every morning. You will learn to set combined goals and feel obligated to stick to them, more than you would were you working out by yourself.

6. Try new things

Doing the same workouts and reps everyday can easily put you off and stop you from working hard on your body. It is important to have a good amount of variety in the type, intensity and duration of the exercises that you do.
Mix things up with switching between cardio, HIIT, gym-based, outdoor and home exercises to push your body to higher levels of endurance and fitness. But remember, consult with your coach or dietician before changing your regimen drastically.

7. Hit the right notes with your music

It is a proven fact that listening to music while working out helps you to focus on your motion and rhythm, and increase your engagement with the exercise. So, what are you waiting for? Make a great playlist of your favorite songs, preferably with strong beats that will provide an amazing background as you pound away on the running track or the gym floor.

8. Record your daily progress

To maintain a fair idea of how you’re doing on your fitness program, it is a great idea to write down your daily progress as well as the goal for the next day. When you see this penned down in ink, you will automatically be more inclined towards checking that goal off.

Besides, flipping through this fitness journal on a day when you just can’t get yourself to work out, will definitely fire up that spirit and boost your motivation.

9. Listen to a podcast or an audio book

We suggest starting an audiobook that you listen to only when you go for a run or a walk – this way you will have to do some exercise to finish the story. This is a useful tip for making workout sessions more interesting and giving yourself that dose of enthusiasm to put on your sneakers and hit it.

Podcasts are also a great alternative to audiobooks – learn while you burn, right?

10. Reward yourself

There is nothing like the good ol’ cheat day to incentivize a hard day’s work out. Make sure that your give yourself small but regular rewards for sticking to the fitness plan and not giving up. These will help you to not only hit your regular goals, but also step up your game if you’re thinking of shirking away.


These tips are super useful for beginners or even veterans in the fitness game to stay motivated and push themselves to greater limits. They will ensure that you find it in you to get up before dawn or sweat it about at the end of a long office day to work on your body – after all you are the only one responsible for it.

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